Our Mission

At Torus Construction we apply the high family values our company was founded on to all our work. We believe that customer service, quality control, and employee dedication are important requirements in achieving the highest standards of finished product and, therefore, customer satisfaction.

Torus’ mission is to continue to grow in the field of stamped concrete and to bring the highest standards of quality directly to our customers.

It is our objective to spread the word regarding the beauty and durability that can be achieved using stamped concrete finishes.

Torus Construction Ltd. began operating on December 20, 1976. With just three employees we embarked on a journey that has since produced numerous rewards and wonderful friendships!

Torus Construction Ltd. has come a long way since then. In June of 1987 we purchased and deployed our first curb machine — things were never the same!  With new technology came new challenges. As founders, our roles in the company were changing, but we were still a very viable part of the day-to-day operations. Maintaining quality workmanship, Torus’ production climbed to an all time high. Flagging three concrete crews, we quickly became one of the leaders in our field.

Fortunate to be surrounded by a qualified, dedicated and hard working staff, Torus has maintained a great working relationship with it’s partners and quality workmanship second to none.

Our sincere, heartfelt thanks to our staff, family and friends for their countless hours of work, continuing support, and unfailing dedication. With your help Torus Construction Ltd., has become a successful business we can all be proud of!