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My Stamped Concrete by Torus Construction

Torus Construction is proud to offer stamped concrete services. The process involves stamping or impressing patterns into coloured concrete. When the stamping is complete, the concrete is then sealed, highlighting the colours and providing superior stain and weather resistance. The result combines the beauty of granite, stone, slate, brick, and even wood with the durability of concrete. The colours can range from natural earth tones to bright pastels. There are no individual bricks or stones to shift or allow grass to grow in the joints.

Company Profile

Torus Construction Limited began operating in 1976. Providing curb and sidewalk construction we now bring our quality workmanship and years of experience to decorative concrete.

Our sincere, heartfelt thanks to our staff, family and friends for their countless hours of work, continuing support, and unfailing dedication. With your help Torus Construction, has become a successful business we can all be proud of!

Our Mission

At Torus Construction Corporation we apply the high family values our company was founded on to all our work. We believe that customer service, quality control, and employee dedication are important requirements in achieving the highest standards of finished product and, therefore, customer satisfaction.

Torus’ mission is to continue to grow in the field of stamped concrete and to bring the highest standards of quality directly to our customers. It is our objective to spread the word regarding the beauty and durability that can be achieved using stamped concrete finishes.

Our Partners